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February 14, 2012


Why Valentine’s Day (and Other Holidays) Matters to Your Girlfriend

by Ecstasy
Valentine's Day

Roses, chocolates, and embellished Hallmark cards. Love’s holiday is here!

Amongst all the festivities and romantic fun, if you are like most guys, you may have taken a minute to wonder: Why exactly does my girlfriend care so much about Valentine’s Day?

Every Girl Wants to Feel Special

The dream of every girl ever since she was young is to be special. She wants to be the princess who meets her prince Charming. In our contemporary Western one, the desire to feel special is a strong one for women.

In particular, your girlfriend wants to know that you view her as special. She doesn’t want to just be some random girl. She wants to mean something to you, to be one of your loved ones. Your validation and approval feeds her feminine soul’s craving to feel special. This is why appreciation is so important.

Holidays, especially designated “romantic” ones such as Valentine’s Day, are excuses to expect the “special” treatment.

So don’t be a rebel when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Even if you think Valentine’s Day is created by Hallmark to sell more of their wares, you would do well to abide by the traditions. You can be as creative as you’d like, and you can’t go wrong with roses and chocolate.

Girls Are Socially-Conditioned

We are all socially-conditioned to some extent. Generally, though, women are more susceptible to social approval seeking than men (there are some roots in evolutionary biology, which i will write about another day).

Even if your girlfriend somehow doesn’t personally care for Valentine’s Day, it is likely that her friends will. They will judge you and in turn judge her if you don’t live up to the expected standards. You will either win or lose major points with her friend group.

Why do you care about her friends? Because her friends’ approval is important to your girlfriend. She will feel uncomfortable and awkward she has to tell her friends you ignored Valentine’s Day. Don’t be that “asshole” boyfriend.

In conclusion, ignore the special days of the year at your own peril (and your girlfriend’s fury).

Which days of the year do you think are the most important for relationships? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Noah
    Oct 10 2012

    I guess her birthday, anniversary, christmas and then valentines day.
    I guess the anniversary gets his meaning after 4 or 5 years together. I think it’s stupid to celebrate 3weeks together day… Everyone expect gift at Christmas. Lingerie is good as present for both of partners when you give it as a gift for her at any occasions. I agree with you, that it’s more about what her friends and her need to mention how great you are and bla bla bla that you didnt forget her at that day.

    • Ecstasy
      Mar 20 2013

      The key is to not go overboard. I knew someone who got his girlfriend a car + chocolates + dozens of roses.

      Something small works.

      I personally like gifting sex toys :)

      • Noah
        Apr 30 2013

        Yeah, i agree- have suprises in a reserve, just in case 😀 no need to give it all at once:)

        • Ecstasy
          May 1 2013

          Everyone loves a great surprise. Girls most of all.


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