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Girlfriend Questioning

Be a Man, Make a Decision

One of the biggest turn-offs to your girlfriend is indecision. As a man, you need to learn how to make decisions. Too many men are stricken with the disease of indecision in their lives. They let chance and inertia carry them through their lives. This lack of initiative carries over to their relationships with their girlfriends.

Have you ever heard one of the following questions from your girlfriend?

What should we do tonight?
What do you want for dinner?
Which dress do you like?

Did you give any of the responses below?

She Just Wants To Hear It

She Just Wants To Hear It

I’ve written a lot about indirect communication when it comes to seduction. Your non-verbal gestures and actions can have an intoxicating effect on your girlfriend. That being said, there are times when she just wants to hear it.

You are a man of value in her eyes, and your girlfriend wants your validation (if you are doing it right). There’s nothing more seductive than to feel wanted, desired, and loved by a man she looks up to. While as men, we tend to express our care and feelings through our actions, such as earning financially, protecting the family physically, or doing the tough tasks, women sometimes just need your verbal confirmation.

Pass Your Girlfriend's Tests

Part 2: 6 Ways to Pass Your Girlfriend’s Tests

In part 1 of this series, I outlined the various types of “alpha tests” that your girlfriend is likely to throw at you at some point or another.

In this article, I’ll show you ways you can easily “pass” these tests.

1. Ignore

Ignoring a statement shows that it doesn’t even deserve your acknowledgment. You are selective with your attention, and choose not to bestow it upon your girlfriend’s dumb little alpha tests.

Think of parents ignoring the whining of their children. It’s the same idea.

Mad Girlfriend

Part 1: Testing For The Alpha Asshole

If you’ve ever dabbled in the pickup community, you’ll be familiar with the concept of a “bullshit test” or simply “shit-test”. For the rest of you, basically a shit-test is when a woman deliberately says or does something to see your reaction. Her goal is to get you to supplicate, and if you do so, you have failed. For example, if a woman demands that you buy her a drink, and you acquiesce, then you have just failed.

For my purposes, I’m going to call these shit-tests “alpha-tests”. You’ll see why momentarily.

Angry man screaming in extreme rage

How to Get Mad at Your Girlfriend

Over the course of a relationship, there will inevitably be times when your girlfriend does something to piss you off.

Today I’m going to talk about when, why, and how to get angry at your girlfriend.

Why Are You Angry?

The first thing to determine is why you feel angry at your girlfriend.

Sure, it’s probably something she did or said, but dig deeper.

Why did her casual flirting with other guys pissed you off? Because her actions made you feel jealous. Why did her disinterested conversation anger you? Because she is not paying you attention.

Self-Confidence vs. Arrogance

Big Egos and Seduction: Self-Confidence Vs. Arrogance [Part 1 of 3]

Imagine for a moment that arrogant prick you knew in college/high school who somehow always got the girls.

While that d-bag was probably an a-hole, what is it about him that was so attractive to girls?

If you said “confidence”, you are right. More specifically, his gigantic ego was at the root of his success. Today, I’m going to talk about how you can maintain a huge ego while not falling trap to insecurities or losing touch with reality.

The end result is you’re girlfriend becoming more attracted to you. In this Part 1 of the 3-part series, I will discuss what differentiates self confidence and arrogance.

That's My Girl

“That’s My Girl” — The Magic Words

Words are a woman’s weakness. The words you choose to communicate with your girlfriend can take her to peaks of emotional highs or valleys of emotional lows.

There are a few magic, go-to phrases that are guaranteed to get a great reaction from your girlfriend. My favorite phrase, and the one I will break down today, is: “That’s my girl!”

Why It Works

Claims Her

By using the possessive “my”, you are implicitly placing a claim on your girlfriend. While we are way past the age of viewing women as property, staking a claim is very seductive to her.

Valentine's Day

Why Valentine’s Day (and Other Holidays) Matters to Your Girlfriend

Roses, chocolates, and embellished Hallmark cards. Love’s holiday is here!

Amongst all the festivities and romantic fun, if you are like most guys, you may have taken a minute to wonder: Why exactly does my girlfriend care so much about Valentine’s Day?

Every Girl Wants to Feel Special

The dream of every girl ever since she was young is to be special. She wants to be the princess who meets her prince Charming. In our contemporary Western one, the desire to feel special is a strong one for women.

Spice Up Relationship

Spontaneity & Unpredictability: The Spices of Your Relationship

Today, I will answer the question of how to spice up your sex life/love life.

Instead of giving you a list of “Top 10 Tips”, I’m going to talk about two principles that will add that needed zest in your relationship with your girlfriend: spontaneity and unpredictability.


The ability to be spontaneous is a critical seduction skill to have in relationship. A spontaneous attitude is the best defense against the ennui of routine that inevitably sets in when a long-term relationship starts going steady.

Girlfriends need attention

Girlfriends Need Attention: When Fluffy Talk Trumps Concrete Action

In Art of Seduction, Robert Greene mentions that women have always been seduced by the power of words. Words have had a seductive hold on women’s hearts since the dawn of spoken language.

As men, we often think the opposite way. We think if we show our love to our girlfriends through our actions, then she will understand. If we work hard enough to provide for her, if we make more money, then we have proven our love for her. Surely, she’ll see our sacrifice no?